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PETsBARN and Therapet’s Pet Food Partnership

Therapet Eldercare wishes to express its sincere gratitude to Dean Travis and PETsBARN/Valley Feed Pet Food Centers for his generous contributions of food and supplies. Thank you!


  • 368 N. Yarbrough — 591-9415
  • 5500 N. Desert Blvd. — 833-1178
  • 9828 Montana — 594-9144
  • 9807 Dyer St. — 751-3553
  • 1360 Lee Trevino — 592-7443
  • 636 Sunland Park Dr. — 584-3468
  • 1790 Zaragoza Rd. — 849-0653
  • 11100 Sean Haggerty — 822-2432
  • 4900 Montana — 564-5776
  • 2301 N. Mesa St. — 474-4662
  • 13650 Eastlake Blvd. — 493-3840
  • 6101 Upper Valley Rd. — 490-0669

  • 1600 S. Valley Dr. — (575) 541-8300
mand 9 Locations in San Antonio, Texas!
mmmTLocally Owned for Over 50 Years!

El Paso Animals’ Largest Benefactor
Dean Travis’ Generosity Rules Operations at PETsBARN
This article was originally published November 2008.

Q. PETsBARN has such an extensive history in the El Paso community.
mmHow long have you been in business?
A. The company has been operating for more than 55 years, and we've been the primary community supporter of animal health and welfare organizations in the region for 25 years.

Q. How many locations does PETsBARN have?
A. We have eight in El Paso/Las Cruces, two in San Antonio and another opening in San Antonio in March [2009].*
*PETsBARN currently has 16 locations in Texas and New Mexico.

Q. What do your stores offer to pet owners?
A. PETsBARN is a one-stop shop. We have an extensive selection of food and supplies for dogs and cats of all breeds. Plus we have everything needed to feed, house and properly care for pet birds, tropical aquarium fish (both fresh and salt water), plus small mammals, like gerbils and hamsters, as well as reptiles, rabbits and horses.

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