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Articles Supporting the Human-Animal Bond

We’ve included some related articles that support Therapet’s mission and promote the incredible human-animal bond and its potential health benefits. There are also a few reprints of articles from previous issues of Therapet News that profile Therapet clients. These accounts give additional first-hand insight as to how Therapets services benefit our seniors.

Related Articles Promoting Health Benefits

Articles Featuring Therapet Clients
reprinted from previous issues of Therapet News

Do you know someone who could benefit
from the services Therapet offers?

Since most Therapet clients have no family and often are homebound, their pets are truly their lives. We know many more qualified clients are out there, we just need help finding them.

Therapet provides food and veterinary care for animals that are truly companions to their owners. These pets receive immunizations and spays/neuters as well as nutritious food, which certain elderly people may not be able to afford on their limited income. 

We accept client recommendations from individuals as well as a variety of social service agencies. Each client must meet a certain income requirement. Additionally, the client’s pet, be it a bird, cat or dog, must be determined to be a meaningful companion, not solely a watch animal.

To find out if you or someone you know qualifies for Therapet services, please contact:

Ruth Harris, Program Coordinator
Phone: 915.581.3789

Therapet Eldercare of El Paso
P.O. Box 13697
El Paso, Texas 79913