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Benefactors, Financial Contributions

All the heart, determination and best intentions in the world remain limited without financial support and gifts of time to ensure quality of life for our region’s seniors and their companion pets.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Therapet operates solely by the generous contributions of individuals, bequests, corporate and foundation grants, its memorials/honorariums program and through its permanent endowment fund. It receives no city/county or state/federal funding and is not a United Way agency.

Many area animal hospitals and clinics work with Therapet to provide program pets with kind, gentle care, often at specially reduced rates. Veterinary pharmaceutical firms provide us with complimentary preventatives to stave off disease. Veterinary doctors and staff also refer new clients to us, as do places of worship and senior-oriented facilities. Together they help support Therapet, stretch its dollars farther and expand services to reach more qualified low-income seniors. They know veterinary care, disease prevention and nutritious food remain critical for healthy, happy pets.

To make a contribution, please send your tax-deductible donations to:

Therapet Eldercare of El Paso
P.O. Box 13697
El Paso, Texas 79913

If it’s a Memorial or Honorarium, please specify whom you are recognizing and include their mailing contact information so we can acknowledge your generosity. You can request a tax receipt for your records, as Therapet Eldercare is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way...
A gift to Therapet in your will or estate plan helps ensure our ability to continue assisting El Paso’s qualified elderly by providing food and veterinary care to their companion pets.

To find out more about a Therapet Bequest, please call Ruth Harris at 915.581.3789

For the Good of Tomorrow Instead of Today—
Therapet’s Permanent Endowment

An organization can take a lump sum of money and spend it all in one year, and yes, put this funding to great use in the community. But after one year, this particular corpus is gone. Perpetual funding is possible for a non-profit once the board starts a permanent endowment—Therapet Eldercare has decided to do just that. At a future date we will start to allocate 5% of it to our annual budget.

Endowment funds are permanent. The principal is protected, and the earnings are distributed on an annual basis. Endowment funds diversify income streams, ensure resources for the future, show donors a commitment to the long-term, and encourage establishment of planned giving programs for those who don't have them.

By creating this endowment, the Therapet Eldercare of El Paso board has put in place a number of very important tools:

  • An Investment Policy Statement, which establishes an investment objective and a desired rate of return. The statement establishes an allowable asset allocation for equities, fixed income, cash and alternative investments.
  • A Gift Acceptance Policy to determine the gifts Therapet can accept, such as: Bequests, Stock, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Retirement Plan Benefits, Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities.
  • Establishment of the Sub Fund, which allows our philanthropic donors to start funds for $10,000 under the umbrella of the endowment and name them after loved ones or friends they wish to honor.
For more information on Therapet’s Permanent Endowment please contact Ruth Harris, our Program Coordinator: 915.581.3789